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    Health with Nutrition. Let’s explore aeroponic gardening

    Health with Nutrition

    Hi Friends! Super excited for this event! We will be going over to a friends house to check out, taste and learn about how amazing GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD IS. And see how easy, self sufficient and really inexpensive it is. Please join us. Space is...

    Free Laughing in Balboa Park War Memorial, room 2

    Exercise Your Laughter Muscles for Health & Happiness (FREE)

    Come laugh and feel great! Scientific research (check out Mayo Clinic Laughter) shows that laughter has therapeutic benefits: physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. Everyone welcome. No experience needed. If you can breathe, you...

    Thrivers of Epilepsy

    San Diego Epilepsy Support Group

    We are a group of individuals (male/female, parents of children that have seizures and friends) with epilepsy that meet weekly and help each other out by sharing experiences and bond over similar issues.We can introduce each other to favorite...