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  • Community Events

    BNI Partners in Growth - Networking, Introductions, and Business Referrals
    6-20-18 9:00 am - Wealth & Wisdom Partners
    BNI Partners in Growth - San Diego Networking Referrals

    Are you looking to grow your business? Would referrals be helpful for you in growing your business? BNI Partners in Growth is comprised of local business professionals who meet regularly, in a positive and supportive business environment, to...

    LeTip of Greater San Diego weekly meeting
    6-20-18 9:00 am - Wealth & Wisdom Partners
    LeTip of Greater San Diego

    Come and join us - our meeting is only $20 for non-members attending for the first time. If you are in a qualified business category, return and your second meeting is free! Please indicate your breakfast choice in the comments section - there...

    TOWN Networking Meeting
    6-20-18 9:00 am - Wealth & Wisdom Partners
    San Diego Team of Women Networkers (TOWN)

    TOWN is a category exclusive Women's Business Networking Group. Affordable, approachable, effective, and supportive, are just some of the words used to describe San Diego's Team of Women Net workers (TOWN). A twice-monthly women's networking...